Reliable and efficient data communication for the Industry 4.0

TERZ Industrial Electronics interconnects all applications efficiently and reliably in the industrial automation. As a manufacturer, we take care of the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of industrial proofed Ethernet-based network components and industrial proofed data storage technologies, which operate reliably and safely even under the most adverse environmental conditions. Our product range includes highly optimized and powerful Industrial Ethernet switches, which enable operational safety even under the harshest electromagnetic, climatic and mechanical conditions. Designed and developed for use in factory automation & robotics and for operation in rail & road vehicles, cross-market key technologies of industry 4.0, Mobility 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are bundled into robust and flexible products.


With Industrial Ethernet, the Ethernet standard is used for the connection of devices in industrial production plants. Wherever conventional bus systems reach their limits, for example due to insufficient bandwidth or networking capabilities, Industrial Ethernet-based infrastructures are increasingly used. Industrial Ethernet switches are an integral part of every modern communication link, thanks to their flexibility and performance. Due to the growth of seamless digitalization of production processes, a reliable communication based on a worldwide uniform standard is essential. In the future, Industrial Ethernet will also be used as a vital communication system in vehicle technology.

Industrial image processing is an essential component of the industry 4.0. Power over Ethernet allows the simultaneous transmission of data and energy via the twisted pair cable. This technology enables a seamless integration of image processing systems into industrial production systems in a flexible and cost-optimized manner. This also applies to the modernization and expansion of existing machines and industrial systems. The growing number of sensors and camera systems effectively extends the digital factory model supported by PoE.

In industrial applications, interference factors affect the network and its components, which have a significant impact on reliability, transmission quality and integrity. The risk of disturbances caused by vibrations, dirt, humidity and external electromagnetic influences is particularly high at the terminals, where connectors and devices are interconnected. Robust and resistant housings, outstanding EMC performance, low emitted interference and high interference immunity characterize our products.

Due to the increasing digitalization of the industry, the real and the virtual world are growing together into the Industrial Internet of Things. The decentralization of the installed communication devices and the increasing information transparency through IioT-sensors in the production facilities, are required to gain the needed flexibility. By increasing the efficiency and optimizing the infrastructure, downtimes and production losses can be avoided. Our products meet these challenges and offer reliability and planning security for the industry 4.0.

The integration of cross-market technologies offers innovative solutions for future requirements of the industry.

Highly optimized and space saving

Focus on industrial use

TERZ Industrial Electronics offers many years of experience in industrial networking technology. Current and future market requirements are the focus for our product development and form the basis for efficient customer solutions. The TERZ Industrial Ethernet switches meet the technological and market-specific standards for the required industrial approvals and certifications. A consistently high quality as well as efficient procedures and processes ensure an optimal result. Our customers profit from the cross-application requirements that we place on our products.


  • robust and efficient products
  • use in harsh industrial environments
  • cross-market key technologies
  • technological trends in industry
  • current and future customer requirements

Key Factors

  • Industrial Ethernet-based electronics
  • Power over Ethernet PoE power supply
  • industrial proofed data storage
  • use in control cabinets and in the field
  • industrial standards and certifications
  • universally applicable products

Customer Benefits

  • high flexibility in machine design
  • refurbishment of existing plants
  • reduced costs, high reliability
  • highest stability and durability
  • high operating safety, fault tolerance
  • easy and quick commissioning

Our products for the industry

Industrial-grade network components and USB flash drives

The TERZ product range includes Industrial Ethernet Switches with RJ45 and M12 connection technology and M12 Industrial USB Flash Drives. All products are designed for use in industrial automation and for use in vehicles such as passenger trains, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles and ships. In order to make the products as efficient and reliable as possible, great attention is paid on the optimization during development. During the concept phase, the long-term availability, industrial suitability and quality of the components used are ensured.


We inform you about our new products!

Flexibel vernetzen mit Glasfaser

Die NITE-RS Switches mit Lichtwellenleiter Anschluss arbeiten mit ihren bis zu 3 SC-Duplex Ports hocheffizient in industriellen Umgebungen. Durch den Einsatz von Multi- und Singlemode Transceivern können Daten über Glasfaserkabel 2 km und 10 km weit elektromagnetisch entkoppelt übertragen werden.

16 efficient ports for your control cabinet!

Due to the increasing intelligent networking of all components, the challenges for an efficient and changeable plant and machine design are growing. The associated need for network nodes also requires Ethernet Switches with a higher port count. The new extremely flat NITE-RF16 unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch offers 16 Fast Ethernet RJ45 ports within the smallest space.

M12 push-pull standardization: All for one!

M12 push-pull is intended to solve the problems of classic M12 connection technology. For industrial automation, this fast connection technology has great potential for further optimizing products and machines and making them modular in the sense of Industry 4.0. But a consistent standard would be helpful for the market and customers.

Read our comment about M12 push pull on all-electronics.

Slim Switch that fits everywhere

With an installation width of just 38 mm and a mounting depth of 77.4 mm, the 16x RJ45 Fast Ethernet ports fits in every control cabinet! Ideal for industrial and IIoT applications, that require extensive networking.

Optimized for wall mounting!

Thanks to the optimized installation depth of just 28 mm and an installation height of 105 mm, the compact switches are ideal for integration into electronic systems. The metal wall mounting bracket ensures a firm and secure hold. The new ultra-slim NITE-RW unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are available with 5, 8 and 16 Fast Ethernet RJ45 ports.

KALIBER-XS1 - Industrial M12 USB Flash Drives

Reliable and secure data storage under harsh environmental conditions

The M12 USB Flash Drives have been designed and developed for use in continuous operation and can be used in industry and railways thanks to the robust IP65/67 stainless steel housing, superior shock and vibration resistance, high dielectric strength and the extended temperature range. SLC NAND flash and over-provisioning, combined with high-performance wear-leveling and error-correction procedures (ECC), provide increased lifetime of stored data (retention) and longevity of flash memory cells (endurance).

  • failure-resistant SLC NAND Flash
  • extended temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • IP65/67 stainless steel housing
  • Wear-Levelling; Read-Disturb-Management
  • Over-Provisioning; Dynamic Data Refresh
  • Industrial and railway proofed DIN EN 50155

NITE-XS - Compact Industrial Ethernet Switches M12 IP65/67

Cabinet-free networking directly in the field: Reliable, ruggedized and efficient

The world's most compact Industrial M12 switches are perfectly suited for use in passenger trains, buses, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery. Dustproofed and protected against water jets, the TERZ Industrial Ethernet switches save valuable space in control cabinets. With excellent electrical properties (DIN EN 50121-3-2), a dielectric strength of 2.25 kVDC, high shock and vibration resistance (DIN EN 61373) and fire protection according to DIN EN 45545, the NITE-XS comply with DIN EN 50155. Thanks to the extended temperature range and two different frame forwarding / blocking variants (LLDP / PTCP), all applications are optimally supported.

  • ultra-compact, ruggedized IP65/67 metal housing
  • inrush current limitation and polarity protection
  • 10 ms power failure bridging
  • extended temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • 2.25 kVDC Isolation Electronics ⇔ Ethernet Port ⇔ Housing
  • Industrial (PROFINET) and railway compliant DIN EN 50155

NITE-XK - Compact Industrial Ethernet Switches M12 IP40

Robust, vibration-proofed communication in harsh environments

With minimum size and low power consumption, the IP40 Industrial Ethernet switches can be used in harsh industrial environments thanks to the shock and vibration-proofed M12 connection technology. The redundant 24 Volt AC/DC power supply is protected against polarity reversal and works reliably even with undersupply below 10 VDC. The tolerance to voltage dips and the limitation of the inrush current enable a stable operation in all operating conditions. The IP40 variants also meet the requirements for use in trains according to DIN EN 50155 and are also available in two frame forwarding/blocking variants and suitable for PROFINET applications.

  • ultra-compact IP40 metal housing
  • inrush current limitation and polarity protection
  • 10 ms power failure bridging
  • extended temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • 2.25 kVDC Isolation Electronics ⇔ Ethernet Port ⇔ Housing
  • Industrial (PROFINET) and railway compliant DIN EN 50155

NITE-RS – Slim Industrial Ethernet Switches RJ45

Reliable networking in the control cabinet with only 22.5 mm installation width

With a width of only 22.5 mm and a mounting depth of 75 mm, the Industrial Ethernet switches impress with their extremely slim and high-quality metal housing. The highly optimized plug and play switches are energy efficient and enable an easy and fast commissioning and mounting on the DIN rail. Designed specifically for industrial and IoT applications, the switches support priority-controlled packet forwarding (Quality of Service) for maximum data communication efficiency. The 24 VAC/VDC power supply with reverse polarity protection and inrush current limiting and the extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C and a dielectric strength of 2.25 kVDC guarantee safe and reliable operation. The NITE-RS switches require the world's smallest installation space in control cabinets including the power connector.

  • extremely slim IP30 aluminium housing
  • installation width of only 22.5 mm
  • flexible power supply with 24 VAC/VDC
  • extended temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • polarity protection and inrush current limitation

NITE-RF – Flat Industrial Ethernet Switches RJ45

Reliable networking in the control cabinet with only 32.5 mm installation depth

With an installation depth of only 32.5 mm and a height of 105 mm, the Industrial Ethernet switches impress with their extremely flat and high-quality aluminium housing. The ultra-compact switches can be used in any control cabinet thanks to the 24 VAC/VDC power supply with inrush current limiting and reverse polarity protection. Due to the reduced footprint and the arrangement of all connections on the front, switch cabinets and cabling can be optimized to reduce the costs. The high-quality DIN rail holder made of metal ensures a firm and secure hold on the DIN rail. Like all TERZ Industrial Ethernet switches, the flat NITE-RF are available in two frame forwarding variants and fully suitable for PROFINET applications.

  • extremely flat IP30 aluminium housing
  • installation depth of only 32.5 mm
  • flexible power supply with 24 VAC/VDC
  • extended temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • polarity protection and inrush current limitation

SPARK-XS - Industrial Power over Ethernet Switches M12 IP65/67

Power and Data over one cable: compact, ruggedized, maximum efficiency

The SPARK-XS PoE switches enable the supply of up to 6 devices with power and data. By reducing the connection to just one cable and saving additional power supplies, the cost, installation effort and space requirements can be reduced.  The switches operate according to the IEEE standard 802.3at Type 1 as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and supply the connected devices with up to 15.4 watts per port. The retrofitting of existing applications where space is exhausted in the control cabinet, is possible as well as the construction of new installations optimized with a focus on decentralization of the components.



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